Tranquil Space Foundation’s signature program is TranquilTeens: Stretch Yourself. TranquilTeens is a blend of mindfulness, creative activities, and leadership development designed to help girls 9th – 12th grade build healthy bodies and strong self-esteem. This program has been taught to over 600 girls in the Washington, D.C. area since 2007 by a team of volunteers and is currently being converted to an online program where we hope to serve many more women and girls. We will also be transitioning from our focus on “yoga, creativity, leadership” to “mindfulness, creativity, leadership” for our programming modules and are developing an eight-week facilitator’s toolkit complete with multimedia to share the curriculum far and wide.

Learn more about our programming plans, efforts to date, and ways we are working together to create a tranquil space within our society by watching this brief four-minute video:

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