Pug Rescue of Austin Donation

Today we donated $100 to Pug Rescue of Austin to help with Jamal’s emergency care. This sweet boy is only 16 weeks old and is suffering from an eye injury, ear infection, and mange. Although they’re doing all they can, he may have to have his eye removed which is a $2000 surgery.

We LOVED watching and supporting their transformation of Dexter and look forward to seeing Jamal’s continued improvement, too.

Please consider supporting their work and adopting from one of the many rescues across the United States.

Take the VegPledge + Rewards

Monday launched VegWeek and we’re is delighted to be a sponsor!


Take the 7-day VegPledge by Friday, April 20 5pm ET to save 25% off the TranquiliT Compassion Tee *plus* receive a thank you and veg kit via email.

In addition, for every VegPledge, we’ll receive a $10 donation to support pig sanctuaries and pug rescues across the US!


Send me an email that you’ve taken the pledge and I’ll pass along the Compassion Tee 25% off code, send you a veg kit, and we’ll receive a $10 donation!


Because it’s good for you, the animals, and the environment!


Below is a short 4-minute video on vegetarian meal prep for your entire day.

Here’s a smattering of recipes from Pick up Limes, Minimalist Baker, Oh She Glows, and Sprouted Kitchen.

Tune into Tranquility du Jour Podcasts #354 The Good Karma Diet and #394 Meatless.

Thanks for considering and here’s to tasty, healthy meat-free meals!