Helping Hank and Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

Meet adorable Hank. He came to Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue mid-July as an owner surrender and recently had surgery to remove a stone lodged in his urethra. Unfortunately, the stone had been there awhile so there was scar tissue  which made the surgery more involved and he now needs another surgery to get neutered.

We’re sending Hank, the vet, and his caretakers lots of love and are honored to be an “Angel” in his support network through our $100 donation. Please consider supporting the work of Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue and follow Hank’s journey on their website.

Adopt, don’t shop and please spay and neuter.

Helping Wrinkles and Homeward Bound Pug Rescue

Wrinkles the pug has a list of health challenges that would be daunting for any caregiver. In addition to dealing with diabetes, Wrinkles had his gall bladder removed, and continues to battle back a post-op infection. The care needed to get him healthy is expensive and can put a substantial dent in the budget of a small rescue like Oklahoma’s Homeward Bound Pug Rescue. But, as Homeward Bound’s Gail Tucker writes, doing this for Wrinkles is an easy choice:

If you had met Wrinkles you would understand why we continue to fight for his life. He is one of the sweetest pugs I have ever met and his will to live is surpassed by none. 

The Pigs and Pugs Project donated $50 towards Wrinkles’ ongoing care, which will likely cost many times that amount. Consider supporting Wrinkles with us by giving directly to Homeward Bound or supporting the Wrinkles GoFundMe fundraiser.

Yoga + the Animals Donation

On Saturday we gathered at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary for our second annual Yoga + the Animals event. The day began with iced mint tea and vegan treats followed by a private tour of the sanctuary. We met goats, sheep, a cow, horses, mules, pigs, turkeys, chickens, geese, and donkeys.

Next we rolled out our mats on the green grass under a huge tree and I led an all-level practice. Fellow teacher Courtney Hatten gave hands-on assists. We were enveloped with a gentle breeze and the sounds of the sanctuary (especially Greta the chatty goose).

To complete the experience, we dined on a tasty vegan cous cous salad and melon balls created by Tim Mooney and topped off with cupcakes from Sticky Fingers Bakery.

Thanks to you, we raised $1500 for the work of Burleigh Manor and $500 for Tranquil Space Foundation’s new Pigs & Pugs Project. Tranquil Space Foundation used the $500 to support Woodstock Animal Sanctuary’s recent rescue of four sick piglets and their emaciated mother. $500 will cover their medical care for two weeks. We believe all beings should be happy and free. Thank you again for helping support this event and this work!

Farm Sanctuary Rescue Donation

Our first 2017 grant of $250 supported Farm Sanctuary’s 10-person team’s rescue of a half-dozen starving, terrified pigs from a small island in the San Joaquin Delta in California’s Central Valley. Several years ago a group of pigs were dropped on the island by people thinking they would be able to control the water hyacinth that was clogging the channel. And although the pigs likely cleared a few plants they are not aquatic mammals and were left there to fend for themselves. The original pigs have long since died. Those remaining are their offspring — sick, scared, and struggling. They are now safe at Farm Sanctuary.

Announcing the Pigs + Pugs Project


Since our non-profit’s launch in 2006, Tranquil Space Foundation has donated nearly 30k to like-hearted organizations around the globe that support women and girls, taught our Tranquil Teens program to over 600+ girls, and hosted two annual events to spread the word.

As we tie a bow around this project, we’re excited to announce that an 8-week version of our signature offering, Tranquil Teens, will be available for download and public use on our website later this summer.

Here’s what the teens who tried our 8-week Mindfulness, Creativity and Leadership Tranquil Teens program had to say:

“I wanna say this program has helped me so much in every way and I appreciate it.”
“The creativity portion was very helpful and it helped me open up.”
“The leadership portion helped me not be afraid of being leader.”
“The mindfulness portion helped me be mindful of my mind and everything around me. The journal made me mindful of my emotions.”

After 10 years focused on Tranquil Teens, we’re shifting direction and have created the Pigs & Pugs Project. The Board meets regularly to design our new format geared to supporting pig sanctuaries and pug rescues. Watch for more information, ways to get involved, and more coming soon.

May we encourage compassion and tranquility for all! Namaste.